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Old Crushes

So, in the last email I sent out, I reminded some people of their old high school crush, the unrequited love and I got quite a few responses. I'm glad so many of you responded. Some people had hilarious stories. There were a few Molly Ringwald kind of moments...

I liked Dina's in particular who told me that her high school sweetheart and herself both ended up being engaged to other people. But after a serious rollercoaster, the both of them finally admitted their true feelings for one another. It kind of reminded me of The Notebook. I loved the book and the film!

Anyway, the question was what of my high school loves. Truth is, I never had a serious boyfriend in high school. For personal reasons, I couldn't date. I tried to divert any possible relationship. The longest I kept a relationship was maybe a week. I knew full well it couldn't keep it going, so of course, I did something to end it.

Naturally, I had my eye on someone for sometime. Years, actually. Wanting something or someone you know you can't have (or maybe shouldn't) is one of the most agonizing experiences. The truth was he had apparently had feelings for me at one point. But I couldn't act on them. Like many high school crushes, it was never meant to be.

So...where is my high school crush now? He won the lottery! No joke! He won big, too. At that point in time it was the biggest single lottery win in my province, I believe. He will not be have a worry in his life financially for the rest of his natural life...and then some. I know what you're thinking – UGH AJ, don't you wish you got in contact with him after high school? Don't you wish you were with him now? No. I don't. Don't get me wrong, he's a nice guy and I'm happy for him (he's one of those good sorts of people you don't mind winning a lottery), but I'm happy for me, too. I'm happy about who I'm with and where I'm at in life. I couldn't imagine myself being with anyone else but my husband. I consider myself a 'different' kind of person, and I think my hubby is one of the few that 'gets' me. Mind you, the high school version of myself would probably give me a swift kick in the ass. But that version of me knows little of life experience or true happiness. When I think of my love story with my husband, I only believe that it was divine intervention. The likelihood that we met was slim odds, and we kept coincidentally meeting. True serendipity. It makes me feel as though it wasn't so much my choice, but my destiny to be with him!


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